Image by Katherine Hanlon


What is Cupping?


Cupping is a treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses cups to create suction on the skin to promote healing & detoxification. The suction formed pulls stagnated blood and lymph to the surface opening up the space below which releases tension and improves local circulation. Cupping is effective for pain relief and is a good alternative to massage and acupuncture.


Conditions improved by cupping



Weight gain


Shoulder & Back pain


Muscle tension


Joint pain



What are the benefits of cupping?


Promotes Circulation

Clears Blockages & Congestion

Relieves Pain

Promotes weight loss

Moves Lymphatic System

Detoxifies Skin & Blood

Enhances exercise performance

Prevents injury & muscle tension


What can you expect?

For best results, regular treatments can help restore health and prevent conditions from returning. The therapy is very relaxing and most people experience benefits in the first treatment. Some individuals may experience temporary cupping marks which can indicate areas of concern in the body but are generally painless.