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"I help people understand their triggers, see what’s possible and feel comfortable in their own bodies"

Dr. Ann-Marie Regina, ND

Be Curious and Find Comfort

Have you been told you just need to eat healthier and exercise more?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?

Do you want to feel like yourself again? 

Diet and exercise are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss. Dr. Ann-Marie Regina, ND uses a researched based and educational approach, that will show you the WHY behind your symptoms. Root cause medicine goes beyond helping you feel only "fine" but rather elevates your health so that you are living optimally. Dr. Ann-Marie provides support, resources and education that will guide your path to success.

Are you ready to make lasting changes? 


Grab Your Evidence based weight loss toolkit

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Your Journey

Feeling trapped in your body? Dr. Ann-Marie's formula for success will give you the control and freedom you desire.

The three proven phases of care:

1. A Bird's Eye View

In this phase, your health will be investigated deeply to formulate a diagnosis. Baseline testing will inform your individualized health performance plan that will serve as your journey guide.

2. Feathering the Nest

The second phase of care is where your transformation truly begins. Treatments are implemented that address the root cause of your concerns.

3. Take Flight

In the final phase, you will learn the tools to become a highly informed, discerning & independent patient. Get ready for sustainable success!


Join Dr. Ann-Marie and take your health care to a higher level.  All appointments for Ontario residents are available virtually.

Foundations for Sustainable Weight loss 

Lifetime access to a 6 week course about the important and often forgotten aspects of health that impact weight. The goal of this course is about creating a foundation for success, not the number on the scale.